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Help ICCR hold corporations accountable for their social and environmental impacts.

support our workOur guiding principle as shareholders is that sustainable corporations must look beyond the next earnings report to account for the full impact of their businesses on society, and must view the well-being of all of their stakeholders ― including their workers and the communities where they operate ― as integral to their long-term success.

But we can’t do this work without your help. Your gift supports critical research and corporate engagements on a range of issues including workers’ rights during the COVID-19 pandemic, confronting the climate crisis and ensuring a just transition to renewable energy, promoting ethical global supply chains free from trafficking and modern slavery, and ensuring access to affordable medicines -  including vaccines - for those who most need them.

We are excited to share with you the progress we’re making ― this year alone, members of our coalition secured more than 100 commitments from corporations to protect people and planet, including:

  • 27 commitments to build workplace diversity and inclusion
  • 26 commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase renewable energy use.
  • 19 commitments strengthening human rights and worker rights.

The world’s greatest challenges cannot wait another 50 years to be resolved; help ICCR and its over 300 investor members in their efforts to build a more just and sustainable economy ― donate todaySee our instructions on giving by check here.



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