In addition to their essential leadership role as grant-makers, Foundations can amplify their efforts to strengthen civil society through decisions they make via their investment policies and practices. Through "impact" investing, their program work is focused on delivering positive social change on issues such as the environment, poverty, education and other critical issues of our times.  

Measuring and delivering impact is paramount in order to sustain the funding of these programs. Are programs meeting goals and having a measurable impact and how is progress being charted and reported to justify continued investment?

ICCR works to continuously improve our data collection, to map the progress of each corporate engagement and to develop better strategies to achieve and report on goals. 

Case Study: The As You Sow Foundation  

Founded in 1992, the As You Sow Foundation promotes environmental and social corporate responsibility through shareholder advocacy, coalition building, and innovative legal strategies. Its tries to create large-scale systemic change by establishing sustainable and equitable corporate practices.As You Sow was founded on the belief that many environmental and human rights issues can be resolved by increased corporate responsibility.

"As You Sow has been an ICCR member since 2008. As a non-profit organization focused on environmental and social corporate responsibility we find that ICCR and all of the ICCR member groups are critical to amplifying the impact for change. The organizing skills of ICCR staff, and the strong moral foundation of faith-based members makes our collaborations much more powerful than any of us could do individually. We look forward to continuing our work with the ICCR team and member organizations."

 Andrew Behar, CEO
 As You Sow Foundation                                                                                                                  


Case Study: The Nathan Cummings Foundation  

The Nathan Cummings Foundation is rooted in the Jewish tradition and committed to democratic values and social justice, including fairness, diversity, and community. We seek to build a socially and economically just society that values nature and protects the ecological balance for future generations; promotes humane health care; and fosters arts and culture that enriches communities.

"As one of the few foundations active in filing shareholder proposals, the Nathan Cummings Foundation joined ICCR because of its longstanding recognition as a leader in corporate engagement and active ownership.  Over the years, our work has benefitted tremendously from the vast knowledge and collective experience of ICCR and it members."                                                                              
Laura Campos, Director of Shareholder Activities   
Nathan Cummings Foundation                                                                                                     


To begin a conversation today about how your organization can join ICCR, please contact ICCR’s CEO Josh Zinner at [email protected] or (212) 870-2294.


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