Membership in the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility

Membership in ICCR is open to any institutional investor regardless of the size of its portfolio, faith-based or secular, interested in the promotion of corporate social responsibility. Levels of involvement vary by institution from the more passive proxy-voting in support of ICCR-member resolutions to hands-on strategic development and active participation in corporate engagements and all the levels in between. 

We recognize that your ability to participate in the work will largely depend on your organization's resources, staffing and other commitments. Some of our member institutions have full-time dedicated staff in the role of corporate engagement but most are working with ICCR in addition to their day-to-day responsibilities as asset managers and their time is more limited. 


ICCR offers three levels of membership:

Faith-Based members are religious institutions whose mission, philosophy and intent are consistent with those of ICCR. Faith-based members have full voting rights, access to all services and can serve on all committees and on ICCR's board of directors. Faith-based members have full access to the Shareholder Exchange.

Associate membership in ICCR is available primarily to secular or other non-affiliated faith-based institutional investors that partner with ICCR members in corporate social responsibility. Associates have access to the Shareholder Exchange and all services and can serve on all committees. Up to 3 Associate members may sit on ICCR's governing board.

Affiliate members typically seek limited involvement in the operations and work of ICCR, and frequently upgrade to Associates as their involvement grows over time. Affiliate members have limited access to the Shareholder Exchange.

To learn more about  how joining ICCR can help your organization achieve its goals of environmental and social sustainability contact Kyle Cheseborough at [email protected].

Meet an ICCR Member

Mark Regier, Everence

Mark Regier of Everence Financial, speaks about how ICCR membership has been integral to Everence's SRI work.

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