Media Briefing on Climate-Related Shareholder Proposals on Proxy at U.S. Banks and Insurance Companies

Apr 18th 2023



WHAT: This media briefing will include a brief presentation by shareholders of climate-related proposals on the proxy at U.S. banks and insurance companies. Following the discussion of the proposals, there will be a Q&A for members of the press. 

WHEN: 12 pm – 1 pm ET on Thursday, April 20th 

WHERE: The virtual media briefing will be held on Zoom. Please register at this link:

WHO: Speakers will include: 

Christina Herman, Sr. Program Director for Climate and the Environment, ICCR: Introduction; 

  • Danielle Fugere, President, As You Sow: Transition planning proposals at Bank of America ($BAC); Goldman Sachs ($GS); JPMorgan Chase ($JPM); Morgan Stanley ($MS); and Wells Fargo ($WFC) and insured emissions reduction proposals at Travelers ($TRV); Berkshire Hathaway ($Berk-A), and Chubb ($CB);
  • Mary Beth Gallagher, Director of Engagement, Domini Impact Investments: Proposal on Free Prior and Informed Consent at Chubb ($CB);
  • Michael Garland, Assistant Comptroller for Corporate Governance and Responsible Investment at New York City Comptroller’s Office: Absolute emissions proposals at Bank of America ($BAC); Goldman Sachs ($GS); and JPMorgan Chase ($JPM);
  • Andrea Ranger, Shareholder Advocate at Green Century Funds: Fossil fuel underwriting proposals at Travelers Cos Inc. ($TRV); and The Hartford Financial Services Group ($HIG);
  • Paul Rissman, Board Member, Sierra Club Foundation: Fossil fuel expansion proposals at Goldman Sachs ($GS); JPMorgan Chase ($JPM); Morgan Stanley ($MS); and Wells Fargo ($WFC);
  • Natalie Wasek, Associate Director, Seventh Generation Interfaith Coalition for Responsible Investment: Climate Lobbying Proposal at Wells Fargo ($WFC).

See the full list of proposals and related proxy exempt solicitations here

MORE: Read our press release about the US bank shareholder proposals here. See ICCR’s Proxy Resolutions and Voting Guide here. Learn more about the big U.S. banks’ outsized role in fossil fuel financing in the annual Banking on Climate Chaos report here.   View the slide deck from the briefing here. Listen to the briefing recording here (Passcode: #3u=8svF).


DATES: The following annual meetings will happen on these dates, with in-person locations included where applicable: 

  • April 25: Citi, Wells Fargo, and Bank of America
  • April 26: Goldman Sachs AGM (Dallas, Texas, US)
  • May 16: JPMorgan Chase
  • May 17: Chubb
  • May 19: Morgan Stanley
  • TBD: Likely May 16 for The Hartford and May 24 for Travelers