The Climate Crisis

  • Signs of accelerating global warming make it clear that controlling man-made GHG emissions must be a priority if we are to limit the most disastrous impacts of climate change. The longer we wait to control greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, the more difficult and expensive our task will be.

    ICCR's Climate Change group works to identify climate challenges and opportunities facing the private sector. Investors collaborate to develop strategies to reduce corporate carbon footprints and accelerate the transition to a green economy.

    ICCR members seek to move companies in key industries to reduce their contributions to the greenhouse gas emissions that are responsible for climate change. We do this by pressing companies for a phasing out of fossil fuels, and a phasing in of low-carbon, renewable energy sources. We also engage the oil & gas sector on the need for transition planning for a 2degree or less world. Current engagements focus on the following sectors/issues:

    Featured ICCR Initiatives

    50 Investors with U.S. $4 Trillion in Assets Back Strong Methane Emissions Regulation in PA. In July of 2020 a group of 50 institutional investors representing US $4 trillion in AUM issued a statement of support for a strong final regulation to reduce air pollution and methane emissions proposed by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP).

    On the Road to a Just Transition. In December of 2019 ICCR and the Initiative for Responsible Investment at Harvard Kennedy School [IRI] hosted a convening that brought together faith- and values-based investors, investor-owned utilities, labor unions, issue area experts and civil society advocates to discuss engagement with the energy utility sector on the Just Transition.

    Investor statement to 35 oil and gas producers and mid-stream companies calling on them to oppose the EPA’s proposed rollbacks of the NSPS and publicly support continued federal regulation of methane emissions.

    Featured Resources

    Taking the Carbon Out of Credit. This new report from the Climate Safe Lending Network sets out an integrated mechanism, along with practical tools, for banking institutions that commit to demonstrating leadership in addressing climate change.

    Fast & fair renewable energy: A practical guide for investors. This briefing sets out how investors can help tackle the climate crisis while respecting human rights in a just transition.

    Invested in Change. ICCR's advice to investors looking to take bolder action on climate change.

    Banking on a Low-Carbon Future. Report from Boston Common Asset Management maps fossil fuel financing

    Examples of Investor Impact on Climate Change. How investor action is driving down emissions while driving up fuel economy in the auto sector. 

    Investors Want Transparency. ExxonMobil Offers Smoke and Mirrors

    ExxonMobil Talks A Good Game, But It’s Still Funding Climate Science Deniers