Catalyzing Corporate Change in 2022

We are proud to share the 2022 edition of Catalyzing Corporate Change - our annual end-of-season report. 2022 was a record year for our coalition, as filings by our members rose to 504, the highest number ever recorded, up sharply from 307 in 2021.

For a complete look at ICCR member successes during the 2022 proxy season, we invite you to download Catalyzing Corporate Change here.

Despite restrictive changes to rule 14a-8, our members filed nearly 200 more resolutions than last year.  

Resolutions addressing the climate crisis and racial justice/DEI were the most numerous, with 120 and 109 proposals respectively. Climate-focused filings increased 75% versus a year ago, and racial justice/DEI proposals increased 70%.

42% of all resolutions went to a vote, while 34% (175 proposals) were withdrawn for productive agreements. ICCR members once again won the vast majority of their SEC challenges.

A record 37 ICCR member-sponsored proposals achieved majority votes at corporate annual meetings.  

While majority votes have historically been achieved by proposals focused on governance concerns, this year’s majority votes were in favor of proposals citing environmental and social risks that investors are increasingly viewing as both systemic and material. 12 proposals that gained majority votes addressed racial justice/diversity, equity & inclusion (DEI) concerns, while another 10 proposals called for greater action on the climate crisis. Among the winning proposals, a group requesting racial equity and civil rights audits was noteworthy. Seven of this year's majority votes were in the 90th percentile. 

Racial justice, diversity, equity, and inclusion-focused resolutions dominated the list. Among the winning proposals, a group requesting racial equity and civil rights audits was noteworthy. 

 This year also saw:

  • The highest-ever vote on a plastics or packaging-related proposal: 95% at Jack in the Box (lead = Green Century)
  • The highest-ever vote for a member resolution on methane emissions: 98% at Chevron (lead = Mercy Investments)
  • The highest-ever vote for a member resolution calling for a human rights impact assessment. 69.5% at Sturm Ruger (lead = CommonSpirit Health).




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