Catalyzing Corporate Change in 2019

We are proud to announce the release of the 2019 edition of Catalyzing Corporate Change - our annual end of proxy season progress report. Download the full pdf here.

Some quick facts about our members' successful corporate engagements this year: 

More than a third (108) of ICCR members’ 277 proposals resulted in changes in corporate policies and practices

Of the 114 proposals that went to a vote at 2019 AGMs, ten achieved majority votes, and 61% achieved a vote of 25% or greater.

2019 Majority Votes

The majority of these corporate commitments secured by our members concerned issues of workplace diversity and inclusion (26), as well as climate change (16) and human rights (18) 

Catalyzing Corporate Change also includes a list of our members' top 2019 votes, with lead filers.

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