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ICCR has no job openings at this time. Please check back in with us!

Internships and volunteer work

ICCR's interns come to us from a wide range of academic programs and geographies and are asked to employ an equally wide range of skills to help ICCR further its mission. We have hosted interns from Columbia University, CUNY City College, Duke University, Oberlin, Princeton Theological Seminary and the University of Michigan as well as interns from Denmark and France. And they have participated in our work differently: Some have helped with the more rudimentary tasks of inputting resolutions to keep our shareholder actions database current, others have employed design and photographic skills for our website development and others have contributed white papers and research on ICCR priority issues. Whatever your skills or interest, we will look to find a suitable internship that will be mutually beneficial for both your career and our organization.

When you intern at ICCR, you'll be paired with a member of ICCR's Program or Communications teams. 

What can I expect to do as an intern?

Internships typically require a moderate amount of research. Some require a bit of data entry, and others, more substantial writing. The majority of internships require you to be here in the office in NYC, between 1 and 3 days a week. As an intern, you'll have the opportunity to attend program/staff meetings and conference calls with ICCR members to gain a better understanding of current and emerging issues in corporate responsibility.You'll also be able to participate in working sessions during one of our annual working conferences, where members from asset management companies, pension funds, foundations, and faith-based organizations come together to discuss strategy.

How will I benefit from interning with ICCR?

After interning with us, interns leave with a better understanding of the field of corporate responsibility as well as the the practices of shareholder activism and multi-stakeholder engagement. Depending on the nature of the internship, some interns will gain in-depth experience in web design and development, while others will benefit from having had the opportunity to observe a shareholder/corporate dialogue in person. You'll have the chance to network with ICCR members representing all areas of the field of corporate responsibility, from the US and Europe.

Join ICCR as an intern today!

To learn more, please contact nnarine@iccr.org.

Here's what a few of our recent interns had to say about their experiences:


William Passannante, Student, Oberlin College

"Active solution = best solution.That equation kept rolling through my head at the end of my first day at ICCR.  I had spent hours listening to members convene, sharing their knowledge and experiences at ICCR's Annual General Meeting (AGM) in St. Louis.  Now, my excitement kept me awake.  Why? Consider the following model: facilitating corporate responsibility by engaging with companies directly.  No banging at the gates, no locked board rooms.  Instead, as shareholders, activists take a seat at the table and have meaningful, results-driven conversations with the institutions in which they have some financial stake.  Why wouldn't you help a company discover that the responsible solution is in its interests?  You know you've had a good day when you're too excited to fall asleep."


Nivea Miller, Student, Columbia University.  Read Nivea's story.

"Prior to starting at ICCR, I had no idea what to expect. The concept of religious investing was entirely new to me and it was a bit difficult to reconcile two entities – religious organizations and corporations – that I had always considered to be worlds apart." 




Jacob Boeri, Student, Columbia University. Read Jake's story.

"Talking with ICCR's program directors, I was able to gauge the work that ICCR does as well as learn about each individual’s path to a job in the nonprofit sector and shareholder advocacy. I was free to ask any and every question that came to my head, and through the meetings was able to fully grasp the wide variety of work that ICCR tackles and the numerous routes ICCR members have taken in their personal careers. This was probably the most enlightening experience of the internship, as it exposed me to career possibilities and an array of social issues that I had not considered before."  


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