About ICCR

Our Mission: Through the lens of faith, ICCR builds a more just and sustainable world by integrating social values into corporate and investor actions. Learn more about our current work in our Annual Report.

The Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility is a coalition of faith and values-driven organizations who view the management of their investments as a powerful catalyst for social change.  Our membership comprises nearly 300 organizations including faith-based institutions, socially responsible asset management companies, unions, pension funds and colleges and universities that collectively represent over $400 billion in invested capital.

ICCR members and staff engage hundreds of multinational corporations annually to promote more sustainable and just practices because we believe in doing so they will secure a better future for their employees, their customers and their shareholders.


A pioneer of the shareholder advocacy movement, ICCR members were the first religious investors to file proxy resolutions with social and environmental themes. Founded in 1971, ICCR's 40+ year legacy is living proof that positive corporate transformation is possible, and we have pledged to mentor others in this important work. 

We invite you to learn more about the power of shareholder advocacy and ICCR’s current initiatives in the following pages.  We hope you will feel inspired to participate in our work.

Our Approach

What We Do and How We Do It

Where Faith and Finance Intersect



Towards a Shared Prosperity

Our 2016 event.

History of ICCR

For over 40 years ICCR has been a faithful voice for justice

What we do and how we do it

Active vs passive investing

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