World Water Day 2016

How Communities Around the World are Impacted by Water

Every day, over one billion people, one seventh of the world’s population, lack access to freshwater that is safe for human consumption and every day 6,000 children die of water-borne illness. Water is a human right recognized by the member states of the United Nations General Assembly and Human Rights Council which established the mandate to assist governments and stakeholders, including corporations, to respect, protect and fulfill the human right to water. 

ICCR members continue to focus on corporate water stewardship in high-impact sectors including food and agri-business, energy production, automotive, mining, apparel and chemical companies. In these dialogues we urge corporations to measure and report on their water consumption and impacts, including water contamination and risks to affected communities, and seek to embed sustainability in corporate water policies and global supply chains.

 Roslyn Brock

 I Thirst!


How the United Methodist Women are Restoring God’s Gift of Water to the Community of Flint, Michigan

World Water Day 2016 - Phillipines
Protect our Water, Secure our Future