ICCR's Insights for Investors Working for Bolder Intervention on Climate Change

ICCR proposes a number of proactive strategies for institutional investors looking to more aggressively address the threat of climate change.
Decades before Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” sparked an international debate that pitted climate scientists against global warming skeptics, members of the InterfaithCenter on Corporate Responsibility and shareholders in global energy companies begansounding the alarm on climate risk. For over 40 years, faith-based and socially responsible investors have been using their voices to advocate for the corporate responsibilityto properly care for and manage the earth’s resources. The concept of environmentalstewardship is embedded in all faith traditions, as is the concept of “environmentaljustice” which acknowledges that environmental impacts are felt most keenly by those least able to mitigate against them. This social justice dimension has been at the center of
all ICCR members’ advocacy and a driving force behind our members’ engagements onclimate change.