Reverend Eric Darrisaw

Reverend Eric Darrisaw is Director of Church of God in Christ (COGIC) First Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction of Eastern New York Urban Initiatives and Social Justice Ministry. 

Eric has 30 years' experience in the investment industry. He began his career at Cartwright Proxy Research, an African-American owned Corporate Governance Research and Advisory firm, providing voting recommendations to institutional investors during the annual proxy season. 

Eric served as Senior Advisor to the President and National Board of the A. Philip Randolph Institute, an AFL-CIO Senior Constituency Group and Black Labor Civil Rights Organization. During his tenure, he co-founded its Fiduciary Education and Capital Stewardship Program for minority pension fund trustees. 

He is an Enterprise Engagement Alliance (EEA) Human Capital (HC), Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Practice Senior Advisor and Board Member.  The EEA is a coalition of business professionals, academics, and companies dedicated to the principles of Stakeholder Capitalism and to its implementation through a formal, strategic and systematic enterprise-wide endeavor that “begins with people and ends with profitability.” This expert organization is pioneering the use of International Standardization Organization (ISO) quality management metrics for investor internal and external human capital reporting. 

Eric is Principal of Lazarus Advisors LLC and serves on The Croatan Institute’s Racial Equity Economics Finance and Sustainability (REEFS) Research Steering Committee.

Reverend Darrisaw is committed to advocacy work in the areas of civil rights, environmental, social justice and corporate accountability.

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