Reports and Publications

From Corporate Examiner, Vol. 38, No. 3 (2014).
ICCR proposes a number of proactive strategies for institutional investors looking to more aggressively address the threat of climate change. Decades before Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” sparked an international debate that pitted climate scientists against global warming skeptics, members of...
ICCR white paper, published April 2015.To learn more about how these violations occur, in September 2014, ICCR’s Associate Program Director for human rights, Valentina Gurney traveled to Thailand where she conducted in-person interviews with migrant  workers, labor brokers and representatives of...
Included in this Proxy Resolutions and Voting Guide are the 227 ICCR member-sponsored shareholder resolutions for 2015. We hope that you will study the resolutions described in this Guide thoughtfully, and consider supporting those with which you agree in whatever way you can.
From Corporate Examiner, Volume 39, Number 4 (Fall, 2014). Once a comfortable and thriving community devoted to farming, fishing and hunting, Mossville in southwestern Louisiana is now struggling – hemmed in by 14 industrial facilities that collectively release more than 1,000 tons  of toxins into...
From the Corporate Examiner Volume 39, Number 4 (Fall, 2014). Low-cost goods often come at the expense of workers, who labor in unsafe conditions, receive unsustainably low wages.
Maria Myotte, of the Restaurant Opportunities Center United, looks at the widespread problem of low wages in the restaurant industry.
Cathy Rowan, Corporate Responsibility Coordinator for the Maryknoll Sisters writes about how excessive speculation in food commodities contributes to price spikes and hunger.