Reports and Publications

Members of ICCR are calling on companies to proactively develop human rights policies that specifically address human trafficking, and request that these policies be integrated into companies' core business plans.
ICCR paper studying current Danish work on meat safety and sustainability.
From The Corporate Examiner. How to create economic justice for the under-banked.
From The Corporate Examiner. Implementing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.
From The Corporate Examiner. ICCR's voice in the national discourse on domestic health begins with the mandate to safeguard the health of others as a moral obligation.
Guidance on leveraging shareholder power to eradicate human trafficking.
ICCR's report ranking the environmental, social and governance performance of the major US banks.
From The Corporate Examiner: Branded pharmaceutical companies' stances on patents often put them at odds with the governments of developing countries attempting to ensure access to medicines for their citizerns
From The Corporate Examiner: ICCR members have long encouraged the global pharmaceutical companies they hold to respect access to health care as a fundamental human right.
ICCR developed these pinciples in response to the environmental, social and business risks posed by global water scarcity.