What is NetZero by 2050?

ICCR has launched a focused campaign to assist investors in engaging companies on the alignment of their corporate climate lobbying, including through trade associations, with a goal of net zero emissions by 2050. Our members seek:

1. To encourage companies to advance public policies consistent with the goals of the Paris Accord (net zero emissions by 2050), by:

    • increasing the amount and quality of information that companies disclose regarding their advocacy on climate policy;
    • persuading companies concerned about the climate crisis to prioritize climate in their list of lobbying priorities;

2. To persuade companies to align their trade association memberships with the goals of the Paris Accord (net zero emissions by 2050):

    • by working within their trade associations to ensure the latter’s lobbying is consistent with achieving net-zero emissions by 2050, and,
    • by aligning the company’s trade association memberships, and contributions to other groups that directly or indirectly impact climate policy, with the Paris goals. 

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