Press Coverage of 2018 Pharma Campaign

Members of the media who are interested in learning more about this initiative can contact Susana McDermott, ICCR's Director of Communications by phone at 212-870-2938 and by email at [email protected].

Coverage of Vote Outcomes

8th Aug 2018
Cha-ching: Small biotechs write some of America's biggest paychecks
Fierce Pharma  

10th Jul 2018
Trump blasts Pfizer price hikes, pledges a governmental response
Fierce Pharma 

2nd Jul 2018
Pfizer raises prices on 40 drugs, its second round of hikes this year: FT
Fierce Pharma 

19th Jun 2018
Corporate responsibility investor group touts support of first-year resolutions over executive pay, drug pricing 
Fierce Pharma 

15th June 2018
Investor coalitions finding success pushing drug makers on pricing and opioid distribution

15th Jun 2018
Shareholders Put Pharma Boards On Notice Around Escalating Drug Pricing 
Value Walk 

14th May 2018
Pharma investors mobilize on reputational risk concerns 
Financial Times 

7th May 2018
Proposal on AbbVie’s drug pricing relating to incentive compensation garners 21% support 
Pensions & Investments 

4th May 2014
In a message to pharma, one-fifth of AbbVie shareholders support proposal tying pricing risks to exec pay
STAT News 

2nd May 2018
23% of Bristol Myers-Squibb shareholders back proposal about drug pricing, compensation
Pensions & Investments 

9th Apr 2018
Drug company investors set to vote on executive pay, drug prices
Compliance Week

1st May 2018
In rebuke to pharma, one-fifth of Bristol-Myers shareholders favor proposal tying pricing risks to executive pay

Coverage of SEC Decision Clearing 2018 Proposals for Proxy

30th March 2018
Do drug prices affect CEO pay? Faith-based investor group wants to know
Wall Street Journal - Market Watch 

30th March 2018
SEC Says Pharma Firms Can’t Bar Vote on Link Between Drug Costs, CEO Pay
Financial Times – Agenda Week 

28th March 2018
Bristol-Myers CEO Giovanni Caforio nets $18.7M in 2017 pay, a 10% raise

26th March 2018
SEC: Biogen can't block shareholder vote on drug prices, executive pay
Boston Business Journal 

26th March 2018
Investors in AbbVie, Lilly, Amgen and more set to vote on executive pay, drug pricing
Fierce Pharma 

26th March 2018
SEC greenlights shareholder proposals for several big drug makers over pricing

Coverage of Resolutions on Executive Incentives Tied to Drug Pricing

18th Dec 2017
ICCR Investors Seek More Info on Pay Incentives, Long-term Risks
Health Economics 

14th Dec 2017
Do pharma's executive pay plans push up drug prices? Investors want to know
Fierce Pharma

14th Dec 2017
Investor group targets pharmaceutical company pay practices for next proxy season
Pensions and Investments

12th Dec 2017
Big Pharma Is Urged to Report on Links Between Pricing and Pay

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