Celebration without Exploitation

The Celebration without Exploitation campaign is designed to build awareness about the potential spike in sex and labor trafficking that can occur around large sporting events. Beginning with the 2010 World Cup in South Africa and including the Super Bowl as well as the 2012 London Olympics, ICCR members have coordinated investor outreach to the travel and tourism sector as well as key event sponsors to educate them about trafficking risks and to encourage the implementation of safeguards to mitigate against them.

Corporate engagements are supplemented by local grassroots trainings conducted by ICCR members in conjunction with local law enforcement and anti-trafficking NGOs to help educate area hotel managers and to heighten public awareness both during the event and beyond.

Featured ICCR Initiative

Celebration without Exploitation: Trafficking and the 2014 Superbowl. Members participated in 6 trainings with 400 volunteers, while 1,200 hotels were contacted and provided with anti-trafficking information.

Featured Resources

Tri-State Coalition's Hotel Outreach Toolkit, Preventing Human Trafficking at Major Sporting Events: Comprehensive resource for mounting local grassroots campaign to eradicate human trafficking at Super Bowl and other large events.

Celebration Without Exploitation Toolkit. Resources for mobilizing grassroots anti-trafficking campaigns around large local sporting events.

ECPAT USA's Code of Conduct for Travel and Tourism Industry.  ECPAT's 6 point code consists of specific criteria which members of the tourism industry must adhere to once they join the Code.

U.S. State Department's Trafficking in Persons Report. This annual report contains a wealth of human trafficking statistics for countries around the world.

Does your hotel know?


How hotel staff can identify sex trafficking. 

Watch CBS' Living in the Shadows

Religion's response to human trafficking 

Nuns, law enforcement mobilize to prevent sex trafficking around the Super Bowl

Nuns, law enforcement mobilize to prevent sex trafficking around the Super Bowl

PBS Weekend News Hour

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