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Investor Statements & Comment Letters

Investor Expectations for a Just Transition (February 2022)

ICCR Letter Encouraging FERC to Promote Utility Sector Lobbying Transparency (February 2022)

ICCR Comment Letter on Mandatory SEC Climate Change Disclosures (June 2021)

Investor Call for Ambitious Methane Regulation for the Oil and Gas Industry (May 2021) In May of 2021, a group of 147 global investors representing $US 5.35 trillion in assets under management/advisement released this statement calling for stronger methane regulations and enforcement. Since then, those numbers have increased to 168 investors representing $6.23 trillion in assets under management. The EPA comment period for the proposed methane rule closes on January 14, 2022. This statement builds upon an August 2020 statement sent to 35 oil and gas producers and mid-stream companies that was signed by 140 investors with over $5.5 trillion in AUM.


The Promise of COP26 (November 2021)

BRT's Climate Policy Statement: A positive step that must be matched by real action (September 2020)

Press Releases

Shareholders File Multiple Proposals at U.S. Banks Seeking to Advance Climate-Forward Lending Policies (January 2023)

Corporate Commitments to Align Lobbying Activities with Paris Climate Goals Grow Significantly in 2022 (April 2022)

Shareholder Proposals Seeking Accelerated Climate Progress will be on the Proxy at All Major North American Banks this Spring (March 2022)

Shareholders Escalate Campaign Pressing Companies to ‘Walk Their Talk’ on Climate Lobbying (March 2022)

ICCR Statement on SEC's Proposed Rule on Climate-Related Disclosures (March 2022)

Investors Welcome New EPA Rules Designed to Significantly Reduce Methane Emissions (November 2021)

Investors See Momentum Building as Companies Agree to Support Paris-Aligned Climate Policy (April 2021)

Business Support for Science-Based Climate Policy Seen as Critical to Rein in Climate Change, Say Investors (November 2020)



ICCR’s report on “Leading Lobbying Practices to Drive 1.5°C Policy Action."

50 Years of ICCR Member Advocacy on the Environment ICCR (2021)

Investor Engagement Guidance On Methane. ICCR (2020) Due to their climate and health impacts, methane emissions have drawn increasing scrutiny from the public, environmental and health groups, and global policy makers. Unfortunately, a dearth of accurate emissions disclosure, conflicting policy stances and variable operational quality of methane.    

Taking the Carbon Out of Credit (2020)

50 Investors with U.S. $4 Trillion in Assets Back Strong Methane Emissions Regulation in PA ICCR (2020) 

Trade Groups and their Footprints (2019)  

On the Road To a Just Transition. ICCR (2019) On December 10, 2019, ICCR and the Initiative for Responsible Investment at Harvard Kennedy School [IRI] hosted a convening that brought together faith- and values-based investors, investor-owned utilities, labor unions, and issue area experts.  

Banking on a Low-Carbon Future: Finance in a Time of Climate Crisis. (2019) This is Boston Common’s fifth annual study of how global banks are managing climate risks and opportunities. 

The International Energy Agency. A range of excellent resources on climate change.

Investor statement on the need for continued regulation of methane in the oil & gas industry (2019). ICCR-led investor statement signed by investors representing $5.51 trillion in assets under management

Methane Disclosure in the Oil & Gas Industry: Tracking the Impact of Shareholder Engagement. ICCR (2018) In the face of a warming climate, investors are increasingly concerned with managing methane-related risk in the oil and gas industry. Natural gas is often touted as a “transitional” fuel, yet methane is a powerful climate forcer up to 86 times more powerful than carbon dioxide in the short-term.  

Methane Emissions: A Power Driver of Climate Change. ICCR (2016) Natural gas, touted as a ‘clean fuel’, is composed mostly of methane, and when burned, is less carbon polluting than other fossil fuels. Released into the atmosphere, though, methane is a dangerous greenhouse gas and a powerful contributor to climate change.  

How investors are working to cut methane emissions  ICCR (2016) 

A Small Gavel, But it Can Do Great Things. ICCR (2015) With the swing of his tiny green gavel and more than a touch of emotion, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius announced a final, historic climate agreement and the close of the 2015 Paris Climate Conference, COP21, on December 12th.    

ICCR's 2015 Climate Finance Roundtable. ICCR (2015) On February 9, 2015, ICCR convened a Roundtable that brought together investors, investment professionals, and leaders in climate finance to problem solve and brainstorm around investment solutions that will help accelerate the transition to renewable energy and mitigate the worst impacts of climate change. 

Invested in Change: Faith-Consistent Investing in a Climate-Challenged World. ICCR (2015) CCR's white paper explains how ICCR members and other investors promote improved corporate practices on climate change.

Banks and Climate Change: Part of the Solution or Part of the Problem? ICCR (2014)

ICCR's Insights for Investors Working for Bolder Intervention on Climate Change. ICCR (2013) How shareholder engagement can be used to drive corporate innovation in addressing climate change.

40 Years of Environmental Stewardship. ICCR. (2012) A 40-year timeline illustrating ICCR engagement on environmental initiatives.

The Price of Denial. ICCR. (2012) Investor actions to mitigate against the threat of global warming.

Faith-Based Statements on Climate Change ICCR (2012)