An Interfaith Investor Response to the Papal Encyclical on Climate Change

For faith-based and responsible investors, engagements with companies to reduce their carbon emissions and mitigate environmental impacts have long been a priority. ICCR members welcome Pope Francis’ Encyclical on the Environment, Laudato Si, and declare our readiness to join with all who are resolved to harness the political and moral courage required to build a pathway towards justice and sustainability.

Below are comments we are receiving on an on-going basis from our ICCR members in support of
Laudato Si.

Society of the Holy Child Jesus. In joy we thank Pope Francis for Laudato Si' and pray that all people of good will  respond to his call to “work together in building our common home” by a conversion of our lives and economic systems.  As Sisters of the Holy Child Jesus we commit ourselves to reduce carbon emissions by our activities and life styles so that all God’s people, particularly the poor and vulnerable, will not suffer the devastating consequences of climate change


Maryknoll Office for Global Concerns: More than remarks to the press or a simple statement, a papal encyclical is part of the official doctrine of the Church, and as such calls on all Catholics to examine their lives in light of this social teaching of the Church. We hope all people of good will who care for the future of our planet will be inspired by this call for “ecological conversion.” Read the full statement.

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Unitarian Universalist Association: The Unitarian Universalist Association and the UU Service Committee applaud Pope Francis for focusing the world’s attention on the threat of climate change by issuing his papal letter addressed not just to Catholics but to "every person living on this planet. We are especially gratified by the Pope’s emphasis on the effects this crisis is having on the world’s lowest-income and most marginalized communities. Read the full statement.


Azzad Asset Management: Pope Francis has been a tireless advocate for social justice, reaffirming the Catholic ethic of caring for “the least among us” and challenging people of all beliefs to answer the universal call to serve humanity and protect the earth we share. Azzad Asset Management applauds the pope for making the moral case for action on sustainability and encourages our fellow Muslims to contemplate the Qur’anic reminder to “tread lightly on the earth” as we endeavor to maintain justice and environmental stewardship as organizing principles in our financial affairs.   


The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA):  Today we join with Pope Francis in calling on world leaders to embrace our common responsibility as work continues toward a global agreement on climate change. We urge leaders to support an ambitious agreement that reduces greenhouse gas emissions, encourages development of low-carbon technologies, and supports the ability of countries to cope with the effects of a changing climate and build resiliency for a sustainable future. The present moment is a critical one, filled with both challenge and opportunity to act as individuals, citizens, leaders and communities of faith in solidarity with God’s good creation and in hope for our shared future. Read full statement.


Tri-State Coalition for Responsible Investment: We rejoice in the leadership of our Pope Francis with this clear proclamation of the foundational Gospel message, “that all may have life and have it to the full.”  His insights reinforce the calling of the ministry of the Tri-State Coalition for Responsible Investment, to merge investment decisions with social values in the belief that investments must achieve more than an acceptable financial return.  We resonate with his message for strong, enforceable international agreements and urge all world leaders and the private sector to take up the challenges, together with all the peoples of the world.


Sister Patricia Daly, OP: For those of us in the developed world, Pope Francis calls us to a profound reflection on our lives as individuals, consumers, and investors. My prayer is that we may welcome “Praised be” as a call to realign our lives, and the political, economic and religious systems of our world, to be faithful to all of creation, especially the most vulnerable.


Everence Financial: The vision and wisdom of Pope Francis speak well beyond the boundaries of the Roman Catholic Church.  Laudato Si is a welcome and critically needed reminder to the entire faith community that we are called to be stewards of the Creation God has entrusted to our care.  It is long past time that people and organizations of all faiths band together to address the challenges of climate change through our investments, public policy, and community engagements. 


Missionary Society of St. Columban: We thank Pope Francis for his visionary and pastoral leadership which invites us as faithful disciples of Jesus to an ongoing ecological conversion. Our lived experience speaks to us as we see the impacts of the exploited Earth and exploited peoples. We believe, as stated in our 2012 General Assembly, ‘that we are called to solidarity with marginalized people and the exploited Earth [which] are ways we participate in God’s mission’. Watch their video


School Sisters of St. Francis: Great day!  I hope all who read this letter will hear the call to realize how everyone of us on this planet are related.  Our care for the earth must incluce every effort to provide for sustainability and care for all of creation.  We are all co-dependent on one another to keep the planet alive and growth filled resources for all.


Aquinas Associates: Aquinas Associates appreciates the Pope's message that all business stakeholders are involved in the success of a business; therefore  all the stakeholders including communities and their natural resources, customers, creditors,  employees, vendors, customers, governments, shareholders and private owners  are integral in all corporate decisions. The current situation has evolved into a disproportionate focus on the owners interest and it is time to rebalance.


Sister Rosemarie Goins, CSSF: Pope Francis is truly following in the footsteps of St. Francis of Assisi, who cherished all creation.  May Pope Francis' message touch the hearts of many people, so that they will embrace a transformation of the current abuse of the environment, as well as, of humanity.


Sisters of Mercy: Pope Francis calls for both bold, coordinated international actions and a recognition that "there is a nobility in the duty to care for creation through little daily actions." As Sisters of Mercy we feel compelled to do our part. On a systemic level, we advocate for public policies that would reduce carbon emissions, support development that prioritizes the needs of the Earth and persons who are poor, and ensure that impoverished countries have the resources they need to address climate change. We use our influence as socially responsible investors to engage companies in reducing water consumption and carbon emissions and building sustainable food systems. We invest in projects that are expanding solar and renewable energy capacity and bringing affordable clean energy to the economically poor. Read the full statement.


Joellen Sbrissa, CSJ: We are all ONE -- humans and all of creation.  Therefore we need to care for all of creation because we are connected and loved by the same Creator.


Franciscan Sisters of Mary: The Franciscan Sisters of Mary join Pope Francis in encouraging all to care for God’s creation, especially those who have least voice and yet are most affected by the excesses of our modern culture. In our Focus on compassionate care of creation, we urge our brothers and sisters to join us in living simply and responsibly, nurturing the gifts of creation for those who will follow us.


Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate: Among virtually all faith groups is a universal call to be in right relationship with the earth, to act as responsible stewards of the planet, and to preserve its health and resources for future generations. With a missionary presence and faith-based relationships in the world’s most vulnerable communities, faith institutions rec­ognize climate change’s potential to exacerbate the suffering caused by extreme poverty and inequality which are at the root of so many existing social justice issues. The environmental crisis facing our planet transcends politics, economics and science; it is, at bottom, a moral and ethical crisis. In issuing Laudato Si, the Holy Father is reminding us of our duty to restore our right relationship with the earth, which is one of harmony and respect for God’s creation.


Nora M Nash, OSF: Laudato Sii (Be Praised) will rise up and the cry of Mother Earth will be heard once again from the Amazon Rainforest to the Tiadaghton Forest; from Navidad Bianco Shanty Town in Mexico to Rana Plaza in Bangladesh; from the Great Mississippi to the Three Gorges Dam; from the oil fields of Alaska to mines of the Central African Republic.  A  new “Canticle of the Sun” will promote dynamic engagement across our fragile global community.


Zevin Asset Management: Zevin Asset Management is proud to be joined by Pope Francis in our focus on the urgency of climate change.   The Papal Encyclical is evidence of the universal nature of the problem and we are hopeful it will inspire universal solutions. We anticipate that it will direct more investors to take up the issue of climate change solutions in their investment decisions.




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