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Investor Statements and Sign-on Letters

ICCR Letter to Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla on Paxlovid (2022)

Pharmaceutical Equity Expectations ICCR (2022) 

Brands questioned by investors on their role in contributing to racial disparities in food system ICCR (2020) Letters to 21 companies seek to learn whether they are addressing how the development and marketing of food may exacerbate adverse health outcomes during the pandemic, and further contribute to systemic racism

ICCR Statement on US Withdrawal from the WHO ICCR (2020)

Letter to Pharma Companies Urging Collaborative Approach in Covid-19 Response ICCR (2020)

Food equity: The intersection of health and racial justice ICCR  (2020). See 2021 update here

Letter to Food & Beverage Companies on Health-Consistent Lobbying ICCR (2020)

Letter to President Bident Urging U.S. Support to Waive Intellectual Property Protections for COVID-19 Vaccines and Treatments (2019) ICCR members asked President Biden to support an emergency COVID-19 waiver of World Trade Organization (WTO) intellectual property rules, so that greater supplies of vaccines, treatments, and diagnostic tests can be produced in as many places as possible as quickly as possible. 

Investors urge Senate action on drug pricing ICCR (2019)

Letter urging companies to join the Council of Better Business Bureaus’ Children’s Food and Beverage Advertising Initiative (CFBAI) ICCR (2014)


Press Releases

Shareholders Ask Nine Pharma Companies to Report on Whether Patent Protections are Reducing People's Access to Medicines ICCR (2022)

Twelve Proposals at Pharma Companies Prevail ICCR (2022)

String of shareholder proposals for 2022 proxies seek to move pharma companies to address long-standing access issues ICCR (2021)

Shareholder Proposals Seek to Prevent "Vaccine Apartheid" via Disparate Access to Life-Saving Covid Medicines ICCR (2021) 

Pharma Companies in Receipt of Taxpayer Monies Balk at Shareholder Requests for Transparency around Plans to Ensure Vaccine Equity ICCR (2021)

Shareholders Welcome Merck's Decision to Share IP for Covid-19 Anti-Viral Drug ICCR (2021)

Investors urge pharma companies to work collaboratively on Covid-19 response  ICCR (2020)  In April of 2020, ICCR members sent letters to the CEOs of fourteen pharmaceutical companies calling for a collaborative approach in the development of health technologies, including diagnostics, treatments and a vaccine in the global fight against Covid-19.

Shareholders Press Pharma Companies Accepting Public Funds to Prioritize Access and Affordability in the Development of Covid Medicine  ICCR (2020)

In Race to Develop Covid-19 Medicines, Investors Urge Pharma Cos to Put People Ahead of Profits ICCR (2020)

Shareholders renew their campaign to curb escalating drug prices at U.S. drug makers ICCR (2019)

Mondelez halts direct advertising to children under 12. ICCR (2016)

Press coverage of the 2018 access & affordability campaign


ICCR Members' 2020 Drug Pricing Campaign (2020)

Faith in Healthcare Interviews ICCR's Meg Jones-Monteiro (2019)

A Bitter Pill ICCR (2016)

PhRMA: Whose Side Are You On? ICCR (2016)



Innovative In-Store Marketing Strategies: How Today’s Grocery Retailer Can Positively Impact Childhood Obesity In 2016 ICCR and the Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA) hosted a children's nutrition Roundtable that would point to feasible steps retailers can take to help consumers identify and purchase healthier food and beverage products while shopping in store.

Key Resources related to Drug Pricing

A Bitter Pill ICCR (2020) ICCR's campaign to increase acess and affordability of medicines

The Real Price of Medications - US PIRG surveys variations in prescription drug prices

Access to Vaccines Index: The first landscape analysis showing how vaccine companies are responding to calls to increase access to vaccines.

Antimicrobial Resistance Benchmark:  The first detailed analysis of pharma company action against AMR, covering antimicrobial R&D, responsible manufacturing and appropriate access and stewardship


Key Resources related to the Opioid Epidemic 

National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH). The National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) provides up-to-date information on tobacco, alcohol, and drug use, mental health and other health-related issues in the United States. NSDUH began in 1971 and is conducted every year in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Information from NSDUH is used to support prevention and treatment programs, monitor substance use trends, estimate the need for treatment and inform public health policy.  Access 2016 data here.

Resources on Opioid Overdose Prevention 


Key Resources for Health

Statement of Principles and Recommended Practices for Corporations on Domestic Health Issues. (2015) ICCR's position on and recommendations relevant to domestic health issues.  

The Human Toll of Unaffordable Medicines - Five stories of Americans struggling with the cost of everyday medicines.


Key Resources for The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Families USA is a national nonprofit, non-partisan organization dedicated to the achievement of high-quality, affordable health care for all Americans.

Kaiser Family Foundation. A leader in health policy analysis, health journalism and communication, the Kaiser Family Foundation is dedicated to filling the need for trusted, independent information on the major health issues facing our nation and its people.


Key Resources for the Pharmaceutical Sector

PharmaFutures: Global Pathways to Value. Report examining the changing societal expectations affecting pharmaceutical companies.

Bitter Pill: Why Medical Bills are Killing US.  How outrageous pricing and egregious profits are destroying our health care system. 


Key Resources for Global Health

Antimicrobial Resistance Benchmark 2021 - Which pharma companies are making progress on AMR? This new AtM report looks at recent progress.

The Access to Medicines Index - The Index analyses 20 of the world’s largest research-based pharmaceutical companies on how they make medicines, vaccines and diagnostics more accessible in low- and middle-income countries


Key Resources for Access to Nutrition

Healthy Food AccessTool you to view policy initiatives at a state/local level to see what states are currently working on policies to broaden healthy food access. 

National Black Food and Justice Alliance (NBFJA). Tool that tracks Black Farmers and Black food producers across the country. The Black Food Map offers details about who is growing the food, where, how to contact them, what they’re farming, and more. 

TEDTalk: The underlying racism of America’s food system: Regina Bernard-Carreno at TEDxManhattan

TEDTALK: Food, race and justice: Malik Yankini 

Frito-Lay Worker Strike

Fast Food Facts 2021: The definitive new report from the Rudd Center.

Fast food's equity problem: Black and Hispanic youth unfairly targeted by ads 

Does Buying Groceries Online Put SNAP Participants at Risk? How to Protect Health, Privacy, and Equity. New report from the Center for Digital Democracy.

The Access to Nutrition IndexBy assessing and ranking 25 of the world’s largest manufacturers on their nutrition-related commitments, practices and performance globally, ATNI aims to encourage companies to make a strong contribution to addressing poor nutrition and related diseases.

The Robert Wood Johnson FoundationCommitted to tackling one of the most urgent threats to the health of our children and families—childhood obesity. 

Food Marketing Workgroup: A network of more than 180 organizations and academic experts dedicated to eliminating harmful food marketing by actively identifying, investigating, and advocating changes to marketing practices that undermine health.

UConn Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity: The Rudd Center works to improve the world’s diet, prevent obesity, and reduce weight stigma. 

Healthy Food Access Portal:The nation's first comprehensive healthy food access retail portal, a collaboration between PolicyLink, The Food Trust, and The Reinvestment Fund.



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