ICCR's 2013 Water Roundtable

In 2013, ICCR hosted its first water roundtable on the human right to water, convening 70 representatives from corporations, NGOs and community groups from around the world.

ICCR roundtables convene multiple representatives from a sector or industry to help remove barriers and accelerate change on key issues of sector-wide relevance. 

When decision makers from  peer companies are gathered along with investors and subject matter experts from  government agencies, NGOs and civil society, solutions to some of the most intractable issues present themselves sooner and, due to sector-wide buy-in,  remedies become easier to implement. 




Past ICCR roundtables have focused on issues such as childhood obesity, the human right to water, recruitment fees and promoting access to life-saving HIV/AIDS medications via the Medicines Patent Pool.


The coordination of roundtables requires a significant investment in staff time and resources. Please consider a gift to help ICCR defray some of the costs of hosting these important events.


ICCR's 2015 Climate Finance Roundtable brought together investors, investment professionals and leaders in climate finance to brainstorm around investment solutions to accelerate the transition to renewable energy.

ICCR's Climate Finance Roundtable

ICCR's Access to Nutrition roundtable in 2013 convened major food and beverage brands to continue the conversation started by First Lady Michelle Obama around responsible marketing to children that will help prevent childhood obesity and promote healthy and nutritious eating habits. 

Trish Zecca and Monifa Bandele

Inge Kauer, at ICCR's Access to Nutrition Roundtable 

ICCR's 2013 Water Roundtable convened companies in multiple sectors to discuss ways they could help protect communities' human right to water and mitigate against the impact of their operations in local communities.

The Roundtable was attended by representatives from MEAN, Observatorio Ciudadano de Servicios Publicos, Qiantang River Waterkeeper Program, Development and Partnership in Action, Plachimada Solidarity Committee, GRUFIDES, and the Uganda Human Rights Commi

In 2011, ICCR's global health working group hosted "Roundtable on New Mechanisms to Promote Access and Innovation to Medicines in the Developing World: A Conversation with Key Stakeholders", which brought together more than 50 investors, NGOs and branded and generic pharmaceutical company representatives, to discuss how access to life-saving HIV/AIDS medications could be made more accessible and affordable in vulnerable communities via patent sharing opportunities.

In all these conversations, ICCR emphasizes the importance of inclusiveness, encouraging a diversity of voices that will contribute to a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of the challenges being faced and will lead to solutions that are truly equitable and sustainable.