Corporate Dialogues


Corporate dialogues are the primary tool and main vehicle ICCR members use to raise issues with corporate management.  Dialogues are formal conversations with specific agendas and goals and, in many cases, dialogues occur on a regularized schedule. Because ICCR members have cultivated their relationships with corporate management and are viewed as serious long-term investors interested in improving the performance and sustainability of the companies they hold, these dialogues are conducted in an environment of mutual respect and in the spirit of finding common ground and resolution to investor concerns.

Participants in corporate dialogues from the company side often include executive management including CEOs, board members, investor relations representatives and corporate secretaries, legal counsel and sustainability officers. Shareholders are represented by a lead investor  who is

Phillip Morris Dialogueresponsible for agenda-setting and moderating the discussion along with ICCR program staff and members who are all asked to actively participate in the dialogue.

 It is also not uncommon for ICCR to invite other stakeholders to the conversation including representatives from NGOs and community groups as well as subject matter experts advocating on any given issue as a way to build bridges between companies and the communities impacted by their operations. Participants in dialogues are bound to observe Chatham House rules, i.e., the discussion is considered "off the record" and quotes are not specifically attributable to any of the dialogue participants.

Records of corporate dialogues which track the historical progress of ICCR member corporate engagements are housed in our shareholder database accessible only to ICCR members and considered confidential.