ICCR's Hierarchy of Impact

In an attempt to measure the impact of our corporate engagements on any given issue, ICCR developed the Hierarchy of Impact framework to track company progress towards our stated goals.

Time frames for achieving each of these goals is also accounted for and may vary by company. Each of the below benchmarks are further translated into more specific criteria or key performance indicators by issue. It is important to note that investors expect management to publicly report along each step of the hierarchy. 

ICCR's Hierarchy of Impact

Benchmark 1: Company acknowledges importance of issue

Benchmark 2: Company adopts policy to address the issue

Benchmark 3: Company begins to implement policy with programs/plans, goals and targets

Benchmark 4: Company develops metrics, starts measuring and disclosing information

Benchmark 5: Company benchmarks its progress against others in industry/sector

Benchmark 6: Company conducts independent verification of its data and operations

Benchmark 7: Company’s strategic focus leads to demonstrable positive impact

Benchmark 8: ICCR publically or privately acknowledges company’s progress


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