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More and more, mission-driven institutions such as colleges and universities are seeking to maximize returns while aligning their investment portfolios with their institutional priorities regarding the environment, diversity, equality, human rights and sustainability. 

As viewed through the emergence of fast-growing organizations such as the American Association of Sustainable Higher Education (AASHE), many college and university endowments and investment committees are interested in learning how better corporate governance can lead to improved business returns . In addition, on-campus activities demonstrate that a growing cohort of students may be seeking to more directly impact the social or environmental policies of corporations as a new and more powerful form of activism.

Membership in ICCR provides a learning environment for endowment professionals and students interested in responsible investment and corporate social responsibility who want to make a meaningful impact, financially, environmentally and socially. 

More importantly, we believe we can learn from you! Join us, amplify the voices of shareholder advocates globally and together we can build a more just and sustainable world.


To begin a conversation today about how your organization can join ICCR, please contact ICCR’s CEO Josh Zinner at [email protected] or (212) 870-2294.

Resources for Colleges and Universities:

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