Meg Jones-Monteiro



Meg Jones-Monteiro
Phone: 212-870-2984

Meg is responsible for leadership of ICCR’s shareholder engagement and advocacy on global and domestic health issues. She provides leadership, expertise, and strategic direction to help develop and implement coalition members’ shareholder engagement strategies with corporations.  Meg also support member engagements with corporations, including companies in the pharmaceutical, health insurance, food and beverage, and other sectors, around access to medicines, access and affordability of health care, and emerging public health issues.

Meg has been working in the field of public health for 15+ years in varying capacities, including as a teacher, health educator, advocate, community researcher, and health consultant. Prior to joining ICCR, she worked at CAPC (Center to Advance Palliative Care) where she designed tools and trainings to scale access to palliative care in community settings. At Rabin Martin, a strategy consulting firm focused on improving health and access to global health technologies, she focused on building public-private partnerships to support efforts to improve access to healthcare. This involved engaging stakeholders and thought leaders from both the business and community sectors to develop a shared agenda to tackle complex health problems.  As a community researcher through the Adolescent Trials Network, she collaborated with members of the education, health, government, and spiritual/faith sectors to form a coalition to target systems-level changes linked to reduced transmission of HIV among Young Men of Color Who Have Sex with Men (YMCSM). In addition to coalition-building, Meg brings expertise in curricula development, capacity-building, research and program design in areas such as HIV and STI prevention, reproductive health, and reducing chronic disease risk. 

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