Investor Toolkit on Human Rights


ICCR's project the Investor Alliance for Human Rights has published a new Investor Toolkit on Human Rights (with Executive Summary) for asset owners and managers to address risks to people posed by their investments. This comes in the midst of the current international COVID-19 crisis, where systemic economic and social inequalities across societies have been laid bare and exacerbated, and the precarious foundation that financial markets rely upon is evident now more than ever.

In this context, institutional investors of all sizes have a responsibility as well as an opportunity to support recovery and positively contribute to new systems grounded in respect for human rights – what every individual is entitled to in order to live a life of fundamental welfare, dignity, and equality.

While a growing number of mainstream investors are integrating environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria into their investment activities, many are not. Even when ESG factors are considered, addressing risks to people as part of these efforts remains widely neglected.

 Learn more about and download the Toolkit here.