Health Equity

  • Universal to all faith traditions is the call to safeguard our personal health and the health of others as a moral obligation. ICCR’s voice in the national discourse on domestic health care begins with this moral mandate. Adequate health care and the right to security during sickness is guaranteed under Article 25 of the UN Universal Declaration on Human Rights, however these rights are regularly violated and, for those in our nation least able to afford it, access to affordable health care often remains out of reach. As people of faith, we are called to address the injustices of the current health care system; as investors and professionals working in the field, we are called to address its inefficiencies.

    Featured ICCR Initiatives

    The Burden of Patent Thickets, a new I-MAK study exposing the profound impact of extended patent protection that limits biosimilar competition and maintains high drug prices for patients and payers. 

    Pharmaceutical Equity Expectations. In 2022, ICCR members released a set of 11 Pharmaceutical Equity Expectations which provide a roadmap for companies committed to equity, justice, and safeguarding the human right to health.

    Equitable Access to COVID-19 ProductsIn an effort to curb the spread of COVID-19, governments made large investments in global pharma companies to spur the development of breakthrough vaccines and medicine. These same pharma companies have been accused of profiteering amidst a global vaccine shortage. ICCR members work to ensure that any medical breakthroughs derived from the public’s contribution will be priced in an accessible way that allows communities of all income levels to benefit equally.

    The Medicines Patent Pool. ICCR encourages pharma companies to share patents for their life-saving HIV drug formulations through the Medicines Patent Pool as a way to make them more affordable and available where they are needed most. 


    Featured Resources

    Methods matter: What steps are companies taking to help curb AMR by manufacturing responsibly? New report published by published by the Access to Medicine Foundation 

    Video: Barely Contained Rage - An Open Letter to J&J (by John Green)

    US Access to Nutrition Index 2022 - ANTI's US Index is a benchmark comparing the commitments and performance of the eleven largest food manufacturers active in the US to deliver healthy, affordable food and beverages enabling consumers to reach healthier diets and to prevent hunger.

    Health: An Untapped Asset - How investors can strengthen returns by improving health outcomes. A new report from ShareAction that examines the role of investors in driving positive health outcomes..

    COVID-19 Vaccine Market Dashboard. An interactive tool from Unicef for partners, manufacturers, and countries to follow the developments of the COVID-19 vaccine market with up-to-date information.

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