Corporate Governance

  • ICCR members and staff have long  championed and safeguarded the right to be active owners of corporations and are committed to protecting the shareholder advocacy process as a cornerstone of corporate democracy. As investors and fiduciaries, we encourage  governance practices that will improve both investor and public relations through greater transparency and accountability and thereby reduce reputational and legal risks. 

    Featured ICCR Initiative

    Pushing back against corporate lobbying on climate change. Companies often mount expensive lobbying campaigns to oppose legislation and regulation addressing climate change or renewable energy, either directly or through third party organizations such as trade associations. This year ICCR members filed 21 resolutions this year calling for greater lobbying expenditures disclosure. Read a sample climate lobbying resolution.

    Virtual-only AGMs. Face-to-face annual corporate stockholder meetings traditionally make time for a Q&A between shareholders and the board of directors. In recent years, however, a handful of corporations have sought to eliminate their in-person meetings and instead switch to a virtual “meeting” of shareholders that inhibits a more open exchange.  Virtual AGMs allow companies to control which questions and concerns are heard and manipulate the exchanges between shareowners and the company. ICCR strongly opposes this trend towards “virtual-only” AGMs.    

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