ICCR's Issues

ICCR priority issues (issues that receive staff support) are determined through a prioritization process that occurs every five years and is voted on by the full membership. Current priority issues are as follows:


Corporate Lobbying & Political Spending (direct and indirect lobbying spending, memberships in ALEC and the Chamber, political spending and dark money)


Medical billHealth Equity (access to Covid-19 products, affordability of medicines, access to nutrition, global health care challenges)


The Climate Crisis and a Just Transition (climate lobbying, fossil fuel financing, Just Transition, methane emissions) 


Food Justice (labor in food supply chains including the impact of Covid-19 on meat workers, antibiotics in meat production, food waste) 


Human Rights (human trafficking and forced labor, human rights due diligence, ethical labor recruitment, the Bangladesh garment sector)


Water Stewardship (human right to water, corporate water impacts) 




Investor Response to the Covid Crisis (prioritizing worker health and safety, increasing protections for meat workers, calling on pharma companies to share compounds)  


Voices of Survivors of Human Trafficking

Voices of Survivors Cast Video Skalickyphoto.com

CAST, the Coalition to Abolish Slavery & Trafficking, gives voice to the survivors of human trafficking.

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