ICCR's 2019 Proxy Season Overview

Thursday, February 21, 2019 - 11:30am

Against a backdrop of watered-down regulations, new immigration policies with discriminatory overtones and global concerns around data security, ICCR member resolutions are increasingly mirroring the heated themes being debated in the national discourse. All this while trade groups and conservative organizations mount campaigns to limit shareholders' access to corporate proxies. 

On Thursday, 2/21 from 11:30am-12:30pm ET, ICCR will be hosting a webinar to provide an overview of our members' 2019 resolutions in advance of the release of our 2019 Proxy Resolutions and Voting Guide.

Our webinar will help contextualize the 241 resolutions that were filed by ICCR members for this proxy season, with a deeper discussion of key campaigns led by the ICCR members responsible for these initiatives.

There will be a Q & A at the end where we will be inviting your participation. Please join us!

As always, a link to download the Proxy Book will be sent to all registrants after the webinar.

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Guest Speakers Include:

Mary Beth Gallagher, Executive Director of the Tri-State Coalition for Responsible Investment.

ICCR members see business ties to the administration's immigration policies as potential human rights risks with material implications for investors. From private prisons and detention centers and the banks that finance them, to tech companies providing surveillance software to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), investors are calling for enhanced human rights due diligence to mitigate these risks. A clear example is Amazon’s controversial facial recognition technology (“Rekognition”) which the company pitched to ICE officials, and civil liberties organizations warn may discriminate against people of color. 

Cathy Rowan, Director of Socially Responsible Investments for Trinity Health.

For several years, pharma companies' price increases on prescription drugs have come under fire from legislators, the medical profession, patient advocacy groups and the media. The cost of medicines in the U.S. outpaces the world in many cases by a factor of two, forcing many people in fair or poor health to forgo filling prescriptions or to skip doses due to cost. Cathy will highlight this season’s campaign to challenge the senior executive incentive structures of leading pharma companies that may be a key factor in driving these price hikes. Cathy will also share the work of ICCR's faith-based members to improve board oversight at opioid manufacturers and distributors through the Investors for Opioid Accountability coalition. 

Danielle Fugere, President and Chief Counsel of As You Sow. 

The social and environmental impacts associated with climate change present serious systemic portfolio risks to investors and for this reason, responsible investors have been calling on companies in a range of sectors to adopt science-based targets to meet GHG reduction goals in line with the Paris Climate Accord. A warming climate causes supply chain dislocations, reduced resource availability, lost production, commodity price volatility, infrastructure damage, and energy disruptions. Energy companies and high GHG emitters are primarily at risk but the financial services sector has an important role to play in either exacerbating or mitigating climate impacts through its lending to industry. Danielle will introduce As You Sow's resolutions addressing the need for urgent action in alignment with the 2015 Paris goal of maintaining global warming well below 2 degrees C.

Hannah Lucal, Associate Director of Open MIC. 

Information, communications and technology (ICT) companies drive global innovation, economic growth, and the fulfillment of human rights for millions of people. Yet without adequate oversight these same companies may actually contribute to human rights and digital rights abuses impacting hundreds of millions of users. In 2018 alone, we witnessed massive data security breaches, scandals related to the use of surveillance and censorship software and the manipulation of social media platforms to influence national elections and facilitate genocide in countries such as Myanmar. Hannah will help set the context for a number of ICCR member resolutions related to the ICT sector and digital rights risks this proxy season. 

Jared Fernandez, Shareholder Advocate for Green Century Capital Management.

Recently crowned the largest company in the world, Amazon has an unrivaled impact across its entire value chain.  Jared will discuss the group of proposals submitted by shareholders to Amazon this year, which urge the company to address its risk exposure on some of our society’s most significant social issues, including climate change, senior executive diversity, worker freedom of association, and on-the-job safety.



Bruce FreedBruce Freed, President and Co-Founder of the Center for Political Accountability

Last fall’s elections gave companies a foretaste of the risks they can expect in the 2020 campaign. As some well-known companies learned, contributions that associated them with candidates who make questionable remarks or take positions that conflict with their core values and positions hurt them reputationally and in other ways. Bruce will discuss this year's expanded campaign to address corporate political spending.