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Our members recognize the power and influence that corporations have and attempt to channel that influence to promote justice and enduring social change.  Our access and experience as investors has allowed us to amplify the work of foundations and philanthropic organizations and enhance the impact of their traditional grant making.  Through complementary strategies, ICCR works as a tactical bridge between the private sector and the advocacy community.

Whether we are urging an energy company to clean up their environmental and human rights records or asking one the world's largest food companies to make and market more nutritious foods for kids, our focus is on the people most impacted by corporate decision-making: shareholder engagement is our vehicle.

Foundations and philanthropic organizations, including corporate foundations, are powerful agents for social change through grant-making, impact investing and program funding. ICCR members' leverage as shareholders can amplify that impact. As many foundations develop missions more intentionally focused on social justice and sustainability, ICCR stands ready to work with the philanthropic community on projects that will accelerate our shared goals.

Browse our website to learn more about our recent initiatives contact ICCR’s Director of Development Jaana Hinkkanen at [email protected] or (212) 870-2623, to begin a conversation about how our organizations can collaborate to achieve our collective goals.


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