EthVest - ICCR's Ethical Investing Database

ICCR's EthVest database, launched in September of 2005, is currently on hiatus, and a new iteration is in development.


The EthVest database tracked resolutions as they were filed, challenged at the SEC, withdrawn due to corporate engagement, or voted upon at annual corporate meetings.  Each day’s activity is reflected on the EthVest site. We track both social and governance resolutions filed by ICCR members. Corporations covered include large- mid- and small-cap companies.


Data Sets Include:

• Resolutions filed by ICCR member organizations and institutional investors that typically focus on eight broad areas of social and environmental justice – organized by issue, keyword and sub-issue.

• Resolutions are searchable by company name, stock ticker, issue and filer (sponsor).

•  There are  50 shareholder-sponsored resolutions for 2019 currently being tracked in the database.

•  Complete texts and voting outcomes for more than 10,000 shareholder-sponsored resolutions for prior years.

•  Subscribers can also receive periodic updates – emailed “Alerts” – containing timely news and information on ICCR shareholder activism, including newly filed resolutions and negotiated corporate actions.

The EthVest database tracks faith-based shareholder actions back to 1992; full texts of shareholder resolutions are available starting in 1994.

EthVest’s reports allow you to do multi-year topic comparisons. Below is a sample data set from one year, 2002:

EthVest - ethical investing database


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