Ellie Campbell Green

During my internship with ICCR, I worked with both the human rights/human trafficking program and with the communications staff. I was fortunate that for both departments I was tasked with delivering a project that was both challenging and also highly enjoyable. 

For David Schilling, Senior Program Director for Human Rights, I completed a 28-page document looking at the supply chain policies of the leading companies of the Responsible Business Alliance (formerly the EICC, or Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition). This involved looking at companies such as Apple, Dell and Intel along with eight other companies and highlighting areas where they could seek to be more transparent in their supply chains. This project culminated in writing a letter to our investors asking for their support in demanding an increased focus on ethical recruitment in the electronic industry. 

For Susana McDermott, Director of Communications, I drafted and presented a Social Media Strategy for ICCR. This included an analysis of all currently used social media platforms and recommendations for how traction on the ICCR pages can be improved. 

With my background in theology, I had never been exposed to the ICCR model of shareholder advocacy and corporate social responsibility. However the ICCR staff were fantastic and I feel that throughout the course of my eight week internship I learned an invaluable amount about the professional world and specifically about the varied and dynamic work being undertaken by ICCR. I hope to bring the skills I learned with me in my future endeavors and I will be forever grateful for being part of the ICCR network.

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