Data-Driven Engagement Strategies Powered by ICCR's Shareholder Exchange


How can investors more effectively track the impact of their corporate engagements?

How can investors identify which strategies are most successful in achieving progress on ESG issues?

These are the two key questions investors ask when evaluating the impact of their corporate engagements. ICCR's Shareholder Exchange (ShareEx) --  ICCR's members’-only engagement platform -- helps provide the answers, through comprehensive tracking, benchmarking, evaluation and reporting. ShareEx offers ICCR members detailed company, issue, and engagement-specific data including three decades of resolutions at hundreds of companies on a range of ESG topics. 

ShareEx memorializes investor actions and their outcomes dating back to the early 90s and is searchable by company, resolution text, and issue. It is the most comprehensive and detailed historical data set for the shareholder advocacy movement in the United States. 

ShareEx Access: An ICCR Member Benefit. 

ShareEx  provides ICCR's members with comprehensive corporate engagement tracking, benchmarking, evaluation and reporting. ShareEx offers ICCR members detailed company, issue, and engagement-specific data, including four decades of resolutions at hundreds of companies on a range of ESG topics.

Each ICCR member organization is entitled to 10 user accounts. If you are a new staff person for your organization, and don't yet have your ShareEx account, let us know. Contact Penelope Davis to request an account. 



Our members and staff use ShareEx to track the impact of engagements through embedded assessment tools that provide progress reports of company performance against our annual engagement asks.

In addition, we have partnered with 7 of the world's leading benchmarking agencies, to provide our members with a comprehensive toolset to facilitate corporate performance assessments and drive strategy setting. These include:

  • Access to Medicines IndexEvaluates and ranks the world's largest R&D-based pharmaceutical companies against a list of responsibilities for improving access to medicine.
  • Access to Nutrition IndexRates the world’s largest food and beverage manufacturers on their contribution to addressing obesity, diet-related chronic diseases and undernutrition.
  • CDPCDP allows investors to measure and manage risks and opportunities on climate change, water security and deforestation.
  • CHRBLed by investors and civil society organizations CHRB is the first open and public benchmark that scores companies on their human rights performance.
  • KnowTheChain: Scores companies’ disclosures on their policies and practices to mitigate the risk of forced labor and human trafficking in their supply chains.
  • Ranking Digital Rights Corporate Accountability IndexEvaluates internet, mobile, and telecommunications companies’ disclosed policies and practices affecting users’ freedom of expression and privacy.
  • Transition Pathways Initiative: TPI evaluates a company’s performance and its progress towards the low-carbon economy, on a scale from 0 (unaware) to 4 (strategic assessment). 

Benchmarking companies

We have also launched new company "report cards" 
which allow our members to see progress made across program areas, highlighting how we have been able to impact ESG policy and practice at hundreds of companies.

To learn more about how ICCR's Shareholder Exchange can help your work, or to learn more about ICCR membership and schedule a ShareEx "tour", contact our Associate for Development & Membership, Kyle Cheseborough at 212-870-2936 or email [email protected].  

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