The Change We Want to See: ICCR's 2020-2025 Strategic Plan

Over the next five years, we must begin to set the stage for ICCR’s next 50 years of advocacy with the knowledge that the world’s greatest challenges ― the climate crisis, income inequality, access to health care, among many others ― cannot wait another 50 years to be resolved. The global COVID-19 pandemic ravaging already-struggling communities coupled with the focus on racial justice in response to ongoing police brutality have starkly underscored systemic inequities that require urgent and forceful responses from the business community.

The ICCR community remains deeply and deliberately hopeful about the power of positive change, and this is the bedrock of our coalition’s culture and ethos. As we chart our path forward in this 2020 – 2025 strategic plan, we will call upon our faith and also this hope, to continue to inspire us and to fuel our collective commitment to action.