Advances in Human Rights Reporting Tools for Investors and Corporations

In our engagements withcompanies, ICCR has always insisted that strong policies and reporting are key to eradicating human rights risks in complexand often extensive global supply chains.

3 Key Tools 

  • The authoritative road map for understanding a company’s responsibilities regarding human rights due diligence is the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGP). As the only reporting framework wholly aligned to Guiding Principles, the UNGP Reporting Framework provides a concise set of questions to which any company should strive to have answers in order to know and show that it is meeting its responsibility to respect human rights in practice.

  • Another reporting initiative, the Corporate Human Rights Benchmark (CHRB) ranks the top 500 globally listed companies according to their human rights policies, processes and performance. Its intention is to facilitate evaluation of corporate performance on key human rights KPIs, exposing where companies are excelling and where they need improvement.  A voluntary initiative, the CHRB initiative exploits the competitive nature of markets and corporate management by fostering a “race to the top” to drive improved human rights performance and build best practice standards.
  • KnowTheChain, meanwhile, is a resource for businesses and investors who need to understand and address forced labor abuses within their supply chains. ICCR is a sponsor of KnowTheChain,  a resource to promote compliance with the California Supply Chain Transparency Act  (SB-657) and encourage companies to go beyond the law to meaningfully addressing human rights in their global supply chains.Founded by Humanity United in 2013, KnowTheChain was initially created to encourage greater corporate understanding of SB 657. Today, KnowTheChain benchmarks current corporate practices, develops insights, and provides practical resources that inform investor decisions and enable companies to comply with growing legal obligations while operating more transparently and responsibly.


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