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7th Apr 2020
Global pandemic calls for urgent and collective action to heal the sick and to prevent further contagion.NEW YORK, NY, TUESDAY, APRIL 7TH, 2020 - Investor members of the Interfaith Center...
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26th Mar 2020
 Companies urged to prioritize safety, paid leave and the maintenance of business and employment relationships to support communities and the markets as global pandemic unfolds. NEW YORK,...
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24th Mar 2020
The annual meeting of shareholders is a hallmark of corporate accountability: the one time in the year when CEOs and the board are obligated to present themselves to their shareholders and submit to their questions. The COVID-19 pandemic, however,...
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28th Feb 2020
 Mercy Investment Services, Boston Trust Walden and other investors have been actively involved for a number of years urging major investment firms to improve their proxy voting records especially on shareholder resolutions focused on climate change...
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25th Feb 2020
Investors say proposals citing health and safety risks to workers, liabilities related to third-party sellers, and due diligence around the sale of surveillance tech, among other issues, indicate the company is failing to adequately...
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12th Feb 2020
Report names JPMorgan “the world’s worst banker of climate change”. WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 12TH, 2020– Investors in JPMorgan ($JPM) who filed...
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6th Feb 2020
As of Monday’s deadline for public comments on the SEC’s proposed restriction on shareholder rights, a broad group of investors has weighed in strongly against the SEC’s proposal to limit shareholders’ rights to file proposals for shareholders to...
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22nd Nov 2019
Investor letter argues the companies are actively opposing standards that are good for business, shareholders, consumers, and the environment. NEW YORK, NY, FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 22, 2019 – In a letter...
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18th Nov 2019
Report delivered at request of shareholders exposes serious lapses in human rights policies and a failure to demonstrate ‘respect for our inmates and detainees’. NEW YORK, NY, Monday,...
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