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3rd Feb 2015
Positive gains on climate change affirm voice of religious investors and effectiveness of shareholder engagement modelNEW YORK, NY, Tuesday, February 3, 2015 – In an unusual move, the board of oil giant Royal Dutch Shell is recommending that its...
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15th Jan 2015
Move Responds to Concern over Diabetes, Obesity, and Other Soda-Related Diseases WASHINGTON—...
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1st Dec 2014
Heeding call to ‘Focus, Partner and Achieve’, long-term shareholders are gratified by company’s decision to open access and cut costs of life-saving medicines for the world’s most vulnerable children...
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18th Sep 2014
‘Justice for the vulnerable’ a guiding mission for Nash’s 15 years in shareholder advocacy ...
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10th Sep 2014
Thursday, September 18 National Center for Civil and Human Rights in Atlanta  
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