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23rd Mar 2015

BofA Allows Some Investors to Nominate Directors

Bank of America Corp. on Friday said it would allow certain investors to nominate members for the bank's board of directors.
23rd Mar 2015

Investors For Bangladeshi Worker Rights (article)

Label-scouting consumers will have noticed a trend in the last several years: fewer “Made in China” tags on clothes on store shelves and an increase in tags from Bangladesh. Bangladesh is now home to factories producing clothes for some of the...
23rd Mar 2015

Storming the Corporate Castle: Does Shareholder Activism Work?

Shareholder activism has sparked major wins for progressives, but the strategy has also spurred debate.
23rd Mar 2015

Record Breaking Number of Shareowner Resolutions in 2015

The eleventh edition of As You Sow's Proxy Preview identifies 433 shareowner resolutions filed this year, with corporate political activity and the environment accounting for slightly more than half of them.
20th Mar 2015

Bank of America Changes Bylaws to Allow Some Investors to Nominate Directors

16th Mar 2015

Is exorbitant CEO pay a form of tyranny? Thomas Aquinas thinks so

A combination of shareholder activism, academic rigor and religious support may be chipping away at exorbitant CEO pay, finding it bad for business and contrary to the common good.Pay of corporate chief executives has grown "an astounding 937% over...
12th Mar 2015

Investors convince PNC to stop financing mountaintop removal mining

WASHINGTON (CNS) — Faith-based investors lauded PNC Financial Services’ decision to no longer finance coal-mining firms’ major mountaintop removal ventures in Appalachia.Marcela Pinilla, director of shareholder advocacy at Mercy Investment Services...
10th Mar 2015

Burger King drops soft drinks from kids’ menu

Burger King has dropped soft drinks from its children’s meal menu, the latest change at a fast-food chain as advocacy groups urge restaurants to promote healthier fare, especially for children.Burger King followed the lead of McDonald’s, which...
3rd Mar 2015

Walmart minimum wage to keep staff rise piles pressure on rivals

After decades of shop floor and political campaigning, US retailers are finally finally beginning to increase their minimum wages. While the increase is benefiting millions of workers across the country, its driving force is market competition....
20th Feb 2015

Wal-Mart wage hike seen pressuring Target, fast-food

Feb 19 (Reuters) - Wal-Mart Stores Inc's wage hike will likely trigger a rethink on pay across the retail and fast-food sectors, with Target Corp one of the low-wage employers facing pressure to follow suit and pay workers more.Wal-Mart announced on...


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