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10th Apr 2015

Faith in Fossil Fuel Divestment

Members of the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility, a coalition of more than 300 faith-based institutions representing more than $100bn in invested capital, have been engaging the fossil fuel industry to address climate change since before...
8th Apr 2015

Electronics Firms Vote to Ban Charging Workers Fees for Jobs

A trade group representing  many of the world’s leading  technology and electronics companies is amending its code to prohibit workers from paying fees to obtain jobs at supplier factories, which could spell a significant change in labor practices. 
27th Mar 2015

AP Investigation: Are slaves catching the fish you buy?

BENJINA, Indonesia (AP) — The Burmese slaves sat on the floor and stared through the rusty bars of their locked cage, hidden on a tiny tropical island thousands of miles from home.Just a few yards away, other workers loaded cargo ships with slave-...
27th Mar 2015

Was Your Seafood Caught By Slaves? AP Uncovers Unsavory Trade

Some of the seafood that winds up in American grocery stores, in restaurants, even in cat food, may have been caught by Burmese slaves. That's the conclusion of a yearlong investigation by The Associated Press.The AP discovered and interviewed...
23rd Mar 2015

Storming the Corporate Castle: Does Shareholder Activism Work?

Shareholder activism has sparked major wins for progressives, but the strategy has also spurred debate.
23rd Mar 2015

Record Breaking Number of Shareowner Resolutions in 2015

The eleventh edition of As You Sow's Proxy Preview identifies 433 shareowner resolutions filed this year, with corporate political activity and the environment accounting for slightly more than half of them.
23rd Mar 2015

Corporations Improving on LGBT Rights

Evolution in social acceptance of diversity, as well as years of shareowner engagement by Walden Asset Management, leads to many companies adopting sexual orientation and gender identity policies.
23rd Mar 2015

BofA Allows Some Investors to Nominate Directors

Bank of America Corp. on Friday said it would allow certain investors to nominate members for the bank's board of directors.
23rd Mar 2015

Investors For Bangladeshi Worker Rights (article)

Label-scouting consumers will have noticed a trend in the last several years: fewer “Made in China” tags on clothes on store shelves and an increase in tags from Bangladesh. Bangladesh is now home to factories producing clothes for some of the...
20th Mar 2015

Bank of America Changes Bylaws to Allow Some Investors to Nominate Directors


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