In The News

13th Dec 2021

Shareholders Press Facebook for Governance Changes

11th Dec 2021

Tyson to Conduct Racial Audit After Outcry Over Workers

11th Dec 2021

Tyson plans equity audit of policies

9th Dec 2021

Costco faces shareholder proposal on food equity

12th Nov 2021

Sisters urge care for communities amid economic shifts and energy transition

11th Nov 2021

Vaccine makers’ bumper profits trigger calls to share technology

8th Nov 2021

US Shareholders Better Able to Push Social, Environmental Scrutiny

5th Nov 2021

SEC will not object to shareholder proposals with social significance such as climate change

4th Nov 2021

SEC eases path to votes on shareholder petitions at US companies

21st Oct 2021

Rabbis arrested demanding climate action by Wall Street giant’s Jewish CEO


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