In The News

21st Mar 2019

Shareholder Advocates Win Support From Oil And Gas Companies

15th Mar 2019

Shady Contractors Benefit from Trump's Mass Detention Policy

12th Mar 2019

Banks bow to pressure to stop profiting from Trump’s immigration policy, but Big Tech remains defiant

11th Mar 2019

Shareholders Take a Stand Against Private Prisons

8th Mar 2019

Activist shareholders push Amazon on everything from facial recognition to climate change

5th Mar 2019

Activists – and activist investors – force JP Morgan Chase and private prisons to break up

4th Mar 2019

ISS Takes an Early Look at 2019 Shareholder Proposals

4th Mar 2019

Latest Wells Fargo federal lawsuit settlement involves $240 million payment

4th Mar 2019

Shareholder action pushes companies to address key social issues

22nd Feb 2019

Shareholder action pushes corporations to address key social issues


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