Nichea Ver Veer Guy


Nichea Ver Veer Guy currently serves as the Chair of Finance of the United Methodist Women’s Board of Directors. She liaisons between the United Methodist Women and ICCR to advance the United Methodist Women’s multiple priority issues. She organizes networking opportunities, publishes articles and updates the UMW’s Advisory Groups and its Board of Directors, helping local women to become informed advocates and collaborate on social justice issues.

Nichea is an active participant in multiple ICCR issue groups, including global health, where she focuses on maternal health. She also serves as a link between the United Methodist Women’s DC Public Policy office and ICCR on human trafficking issues. In addition, Nichea works on the human right to water at the national UMW level, and locally, through the West Michigan Environmental Action Council. She is also active on food safety and sustainability issues, particularly access to food, and nutrition. She also serves as the United Methodist Women’s climate change liaison.

Nichea recently served as a delegate to UN Migration Forum in Geneva, and the UN COSW, where she represented the interests and mission of the United Methodist Women.

Nichea is the Director of Children and Family Ministries of the Trinity United Methodist Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


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