Julie Wokaty

Julie Wokaty, Associate Communications Director

phone: 212-870-2318
Email: [email protected]

Julie Wokaty is ICCR’s Associate Communications Director, and helps guide the organization’s technological growth.  A member of ICCR staff since 1999, Julie is editor of The Corporate Examiner, a magazine that spotlights current issues involving corporate responsibility. She also edits the annual Proxy Resolutions Book, which tracks institutional shareholder activity.  Over the years she has learned not to be surprised at the many different spheres in which ICCR members become involved. “It takes energy to see a problem and back it up with commitment,” she said. “Our members go the extra step.”

Born in Oklahoma City, Julie taught for two years at Ohio State before she came to New York. She served on multiple human rights committees, wrote for an Irish American newspaper and was a human rights observer in Northern Ireland before she came to ICCR. 

Julie has a Masters Degree in English from Ohio State and a B.A. magna cum laude from the University of Oklahoma.


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