Our Staff

Josh Zinner

Josh Zinner

Phone: 212-870-2294

Josh is responsible for ICCR’s strategic leadership and the lead external representative for the organization. See more.


Kyle Cheseborough
Associate for Development & Membership

Phone: 212-870-2936

Kyle supports ICCR’s fundraising, membership cultivation and retention campaigns. See more.


Naseefa Hamid
Director of Finance and Administration

Phone: 212-870-2926

Naseefa is responsible for ICCR's financial reporting and human resources systems. See more.

Jaana Hinkkanen
Director of Development

Phone: 212-870-2623

Jaana is responsible for overseeing all foundation and corporate fundraising at ICCR.


Susana McDermott
Director of Communications

Phone: 212-870-2938 
email: smcdermott@iccr.org

Susana is responsible for the planning, coordination and execution of all aspects of internal and external communications strategies. See more.


Victoria Moilan
Office Coordinator & Network Administrator

Phone: 212-870-2293

Victoria coordinates administrative office logistics and technology. She also plays a leading role in organizing ICCR's Annual General Meeting. See more.


Julie Wokaty
Associate Communications Director


Phone: 212-870-2318

Julie is responsible for maintenance of the organization’s websites, shareholder databases and for the development of ICCR publications. See more.


Nadira Narine

Senior Program Director, Strategic Initiatives

Phone: 212-870-2275

Nadira is responsible for strategic development and planning, tactical coordination and evaluation of a broad range of investor actionsin the areas of food and water sustainability. See more.


David Schilling
Senior Program Director - Human Rights & Resources

Phone: 212-870-2928

David provides broad-based leadership to ICCRs programmatic functions, working closely with management, other program staff and members to develop and implement issue-based strategy.  See more.

Christina Cobourn Herman
Program Director for Climate & the Environment 

Christina Cobourn Herman 

Phone: 212-870-2316

Christina is responsible for strategic development, tactical coordination and evaluation a broad range of investor actions in the areas of climate change and environmental justice. 
See more.


Meg Jones-Monteiro 
Program Director -- Health Equity

Phone: 212-870-2984

Meg is responsible for leadership of ICCR’s shareholder engagement and advocacy on global and domestic health issues. See more.

Paloma Muñoz Quick
Program Director - Investor Alliance for Human Rights (IAHR)

Phone: 212-870-2937

Working with ICCR members and senior staff, Paloma is helping to establish the IAHR - a first of its kind network to coordinate broadbased investor advocacy on both public policy and corporate engagements on a range of human rights and labor rights issues. See more.


Sara Blackwell
Associate Program Director - Investor Alliance for Human Rights (IAHR)
Sara Blackwell
Phone: 212-870-3039

Sara leads the Alliance’s work on the investor responsibility to respect human rights, as well as membership engagement and recruitment, while bolstering the Alliance’s initiatives around corporate engagement on human rights due diligence and standard-setting activities that target policy-makers and multi-lateral organizations. See more.


Mary Vaccari
Programs Coordinator

Phone: 212-870-2599

Mary supports both program work through a wide variety of coordinating and support assignments. See more.

Emmanuelle Palikuca

Research Assistant


Email: epalikuca@iccr.org

Emmanuelle is the Methane Research Assistant for ICCR's climate change program. See more.




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