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Executive Staff

Josh Zinner

Josh Zinner

Phone: 212-870-2294

Email: [email protected]

Josh is responsible for ICCR’s strategic leadership and the lead external representative for the organization. See more.


Rabbi Rachel Kahn-Troster 
Executive Vice President

Rachel Kahn-Troster

Phone: 212-870-2291

Email: [email protected]

Rabbi Rachel serves as the primary internal manager for the organization, and partners with the CEO in developing and implementing the organization's overall vision and strategy. See more.

Program Staff 


Kristen Chen
Program Associate: Climate Change & Environmental Justice

Email: [email protected]

Kristen helps to organize and support investor engagement with the financial sector. Learn more


Christina Cobourn Herman
Senior Director, Climate Change & Environmental Justice

Christina Cobourn Herman 

Email: [email protected]

Christina is responsible for strategic development, tactical coordination and evaluation a broad range of investor actions in the areas of climate change and environmental justice. 
See more.

Rebecca DeWinter-Schmitt

Associate Director for the Investor Alliance for Human Rights

Phone: 212-870-2298

Email: [email protected]

Rebecca connects institutional investors and their allies with the tools and strategies to promote human rights and responsible business conduct. See more.


Anita Dorett
Director for the Investor Alliance for Human Rights

anita dorett

Phone: 212-870-2296

Email: [email protected]

Anita leads ICCR’s Investor Alliance’s human rights program, mobilizing investor leverage to engage companies on human rights due diligence based on international standards and laws across multiple sectors.  Learn more.


Gina Falada
Associate Director: Advancing Worker Justice


Phone: 212-870-2274
Email: [email protected]

Gina is primarily responsible for developing shareholder engagement strategies with ICCR members and partners to advance workers' rights in the United States. Learn more.


Anna Stefanovic
Program Associate: Investor Alliance for Human Rights

Phone: 212-870-2276
Email: [email protected]

As the Alliance's Program Associate, Anna provides research, engagement and program management support for the Investor Alliance's many initiatives. Learn more.


Emmy Hammond
Program Associate: Climate Change & Environmental Justice

Email: [email protected]

Emmy is the Program  Associate for Climate Change & Environmental Justice. Learn more.


Mary Hiebert
Associate Director: Climate Change & Environmental Justice

Mary Hiebert

Phone: 212-870-2279

Email: [email protected]

Mary is the Associate Director for Climate Change & Environmental Justice. Learn more.



Esaba Hoque
Program Associate

Phone: 212-870-2599

Email: [email protected]

Esaba provides administrative and program support to the ICCR Program Team.


Meg Jones-Monteiro 
Senior Director – Health Equity and Evaluation

Phone: 212-870-2984

Email: [email protected]

Meg is the Senior Director for Health Equity at ICCR for leadership of ICCR’s shareholder engagement and advocacy on global and domestic health issues. See more.


Chavi Keeney Nana
Director of Equitable Global Supply Chains 

Phone: 212-870-2297

Email: [email protected]

Chavi is responsible for strategic campaign development, coordination with members and allies, and implementation and evaluation of investor actions related to ICCR’s corporate engagement on equitable global supply chains. Read more.


Sehr Khaliq
Director of Program Evaluation 

Phone: 212-870-2292

Email: [email protected]

Sehr works with staff and members to develop protocols and tools to help measure the impact of members’ corporate engagements, and to conduct research to identify relevant external corporate benchmarks as they relate to key issue areas, and embed those benchmarks into ShareEx to enhance members’ capacity to leverage that information in their engagements.  


Nadira Narine
Senior Director, Strategic Initiatives

Phone: 212-870-2275

Email: [email protected]

Nadira is responsible for strategic development and planning, tactical coordination and evaluation of a broad range of investor actionsin the areas of food and water sustainability. See more.


Tracey Rembert
Associate Director, Climate Change & Environmental Justice

Phone: (212) 870-2299

Email: [email protected]

Tracey is the campaign manager for ICCR's work on Paris-aligned corporate climate lobbying.  See more.


David Schilling
Senior Advisor

Phone: 212-870-2928

Email: [email protected]

David provides broad-based leadership to ICCRs programmatic functions, working closely with management, other program staff and members to develop and implement issue-based strategy.  See more.


Tim Smith
Senior Policy Advisor 

Email: [email protected]

Tim supports ICCR’s work around responsible political engagement, deepening engagements with asset managers, and responding to the pushback on ESG, as well as serving as a mentor for ICCR members and staff. Learn more.


Development, Membership, Operations and Communications Staff

Lorraine Benjamin
Accounting Consultant
Lorraine Benjamin


Email: [email protected]

Lorraine is ICCR"s accounting consultant, and works closely with our Director of Finance and Operations. See more.


Kyle Cheseborough
Associate for Development & Membership

Phone: 212-870-2936

Email: [email protected]

Kyle supports ICCR’s fundraising, membership cultivation and retention campaigns. See more.


Penelope Davis
Office Coordinator

penelope headshot

Phone: 212-870-2293

Email: [email protected]

Penelope works as ICCR's Office Coordinator, providing administrative and technological support to the office. Read more.


Jaana Hinkkanen
Director of Development and Membership

Phone: 212-870-2623

Email: [email protected]

Jaana is responsible for overseeing all foundation and corporate fundraising at ICCR.


Andrene Marshall
Director of Finance and Administration
Andrene Marshall

Phone: 212-870-2926

Email: [email protected]

Andrene is responsible for ICCR's financial reporting and human resources systems.  Read more.


Susana McDermott
Director of Communications

Phone: 212-870-2938 
email: [email protected]

Susana is responsible for the planning, coordination and execution of all aspects of internal and external communications strategies. See more.


Craig Wanda
Communications Associate

Phone: 212-870-2277
email: [email protected]

Craig supports the communication goals of both the flagship ICCR brand as well as ICCR’s initiative the Investor Alliance for Human Rights. See more.


Julie Wokaty
Associate Communications Director


Phone: 212-870-2318

Email: [email protected]

Julie is responsible for maintenance of the organization’s websites, shareholder databases and for the development of ICCR publications. See more.


ICCR's Staff in 2022



ICCR Interns

Gloria Ngumi - [email protected]. The Investor Alliance for Human Rights Intern
Ceire Kealty[email protected]. Equitable Global Supply Chains Intern


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