2021 Proxy Memos and Exempt Solicitations

The 2021 corporate annual general meeting season will soon begin, and that means it's time to vote your proxy ballots. So why is this important?

The shareholder proposal process allows both large and small shareholders to alert corporate boards and the investor community to their concerns and to request timely action on emerging, or neglected, issues. A key element of process allows shareholders who meet certain criteria to submit proposals for inclusion in the company’s proxy statement for a vote by all shareholders holding voting shares. Every year, members of the ICCR community file between 300 - 500 of these shareholder proposals on a range of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues. 

Resolutions that make it onto corporate proxy ballots then go on to a vote of all shareholders at corporate annual general meetings (AGMs), which generally occur each year in the spring. Votes in favor of shareholder resolutions in the double digits are very successful in focusing management and investor attention on ESG issues.

The proxy exempt solicitations and proxy memos on this page are written by members of our coalition and lay out the arguments for why you should vote in favor of their proposals.   

Want to know more about shareholder resolutions? Take a look at our Guide here. You can also see the full list of the ICCR resolutions that have been filed for the 2021 proxy season

Several hundred shareholder resolutions will be coming up for a vote by stockholders this year. The following proxy exempt solicitations and proxy memos lay out the arguments for why you should vote in favor:  

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