The 2021 Amazon Proposals

1)     Appoint Hourly Associate to the Board of Directors

This proposal urges the board to adopt a policy requiring that the initial list of candidates from which new board nominees are chosen by the Nominating and Governance Committee include hourly Associates. 

Lead Filers: Oxfam America, and the Rhode Island and Vermont State Treasurers Offices

Co-filers: The Capuchins, Missionary Oblates, and Benedictine Sisters of Mount Scholastica

Contact: Diana Kearney ([email protected])


2)     Civil Rights, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Audit

The proposal requests that the Board of Directors commission a racial equity audit analyzing Amazon’s impacts on civil rights, equity, diversity and inclusion, and the impacts of those issues on Amazon’s business.

Lead Filer: NY State Common Retirement Fund

Contact: Kyle Seeley ([email protected])


3)     Hate Speech

This proposal requests that Amazon report on its efforts to address hate speech and the sale or promotion of offensive products throughout its businesses.

Lead Filer: Nathan Cummings Foundation

Contact: Laura Campos ([email protected])


4)     Diverse Candidate Search Policy

Request: The proposal requests a policy for improving workforce diversity by requiring that the initial pool of candidates from which new employees are hired by the Company shall include, but need not be limited to, qualified women and minority candidates.

Lead Filer: AFL-CIO

Contact: Brandon Rees ([email protected])


5)     Customer Due Diligence

Request: The proposal requests a report assessing Amazon’s process for customer due diligence, to determine whether customers’ use of its surveillance and computer vision products or cloud-based services contributes to human rights violations. 

Lead Filer: The Sisters of St. Joseph of Brentwood

Contact: Mary Beth Gallagher ([email protected])


6)     Rekognition – Facial Recognition Technology

Request: The proposal requests that the board produce a study of its Rekognition software and report to shareholders regarding:

·       The extent to which such technology may endanger, threaten or violate privacy and/or civil rights, and unfairly or disproportionately target or surveil people of color, immigrants and activists in the United States;

·       The extent to which such technologies may be marketed and sold to authoritarian or repressive governments, including those identified by the United States Department of State Country Reports on Human Rights Practices;

·       The potential loss of good will and other financial risks associated with these human rights issues.

Lead Filer: Harrington Investments

Contact:  Brianna Harrington ([email protected])


7)     Reduce Plastics Use

Request: The proposal requests. Report on plastic packaging, estimating the amount of plastics released to the environment due to plastic packaging attributable to all Amazon operations, and beginning with the manufacture of the plastic source materials, through disposal or recycling, and describing any company strategies or goals to reduce the use of plastic packaging to reduce these impacts.

Lead Filer: As You Sow Foundation

Contact: Conrad MacKerron ([email protected])


8)     Lobbying Disclosure

Request: Shareholders request the preparation of an annual report to disclose Amazon’s:

1. Policies and procedures that govern lobbying (both direct and indirect) and grassroots lobbying communications.

2. Payments used for: (A) direct or indirect lobbying, and (B) grassroots lobbying communications – _in each case including the amount of payment and recipient.

3. Board and management decision-making processes, and manner of oversight for making the payments described above.

Lead Filers: Newground Investments, Teamsters

Contact: Bruce Herbert ([email protected])


9)     Independent Chair

Request: This proposalurges the Board to adopt a policy to require that the Chair of the Board shall be an independent director who has not previously served as an executive officer of the Company.

Lead Filer: Zevin Asset Management

Contact: Pat Tomaino ([email protected])


10)  Special Shareholder Meeting

Request: Shareholders request that the Board take the steps necessary to amend our bylaws and each appropriate governing document to give holders with an aggregate of 20% net long of our common stock the power to call a special shareowner meeting.

Lead filer: James McRitchie

Contact: [email protected]

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