2020-2019 ICCR Annual Report

2020 Annual Report coverWe have faced many obstacles and headwinds over the last several years: the systematic dismantling of environmental, labor and financial regulations that have left workers and communities more vulnerable to the climate crisis and COVID; capricious executive orders and misguided regulatory policies that have denied science and weakened our ability to uphold human and civil rights; and
repeated discriminatory and divisive actions that are inimical to our values and undermine the public interest. In addition, we faced challenges to the strategies we have successfully used for 50 years to hold corporations accountable for their deleterious impacts on people and planet.

In the pages of this Annual Report, you will see that in spite of—or perhaps because of—the many hurdles this year, our members stepped up their engagements, winning 114 corporate commitments. ICCR is also now recognized as a central hub for investor action in response to the COVID-19 pandemic; the statement we co-authored last spring has been endorsed by 335 global investors representing $9.5tr in AUM thus far, and serves as the basis for engagements with high-risk sectors including the meat-packing, retail, and apparel industries, where essential workers are most exposed to sickness. And importantly, our members are pressing pharmaceutical companies to put people before profit in their race to develop vaccines and therapeutics to fight the pandemic.

The ICCR community remains deeply and deliberately hopeful about our power to catalyze positive change. As we chart our path forward for the next 50 years, we will call upon our faith and also this hope, to continue to inspire us and to fuel our collective commitment to action.