2019 Efforts on Lobbying Disclosure

Disclosing Lobbying to Enhance Accountability

In 2019, resolutions challenging companies to be more transparent about how they exert their influence over our legislative and regulatory processes via lobbying won a number of strong votes, including 79% at Mallinckrodt (United Church Funds). Boston Common persuaded Verizon to increase its disclosure of its lobbying policies & procedures, and make comprehensive disclosure of its PAC and direct corporate political contributions. Boston Common also reached an agreement with Oracle. Climate Lobbying In 2019 our members continued to shine a light on corporations’ climaterelated lobbying spending. Walden succeeded in persuading AT&T, JPMorgan Chase and IBM to significantly enhance their lobbying disclosures, while Dana Investment Advisors convinced Bank of America to increase its disclosure. Corporate Political Spending Alexion agreed to fully disclose its election-related spending (Friends Fiduciary). Chubb agreed to make significant and dramatic improvements to its political spending disclosures and policies (Trillium). GE agreed to significantly expand disclosure of its spending by plugging “dark money” holes (Newground). Devon agreed to enhance disclosure and oversight of its political spending (Nathan Cummings). Ameriprise updated its Statement of Principles Governing Political Spending to include oversight of its memberships in trade associations (Newground).

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