2015 Multi-Stakeholder Roundtable on Ethical Recruitment

On January 23, 2015, the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility (ICCR) hosted a roundtable which convened stakeholders representing the private sector, government agencies, NGOs and the investor community for a discussion of corporate recruitment practices, specifically: how recruitment impacts workers, the risks it presents for the global supply chains of many industries, and best practice tools and frameworks being utilized by leading companies. The roundtable served as a launching platform for one of the key goals of ICCR’s “No Fees” initiative: to leverage the influence of the private sector in fighting unethical recruitment practices that lead to exploitation, bonded labor, human trafficking and other egregious human rights violations of millions of workers world-wide.

Over 60 participants shared their perspectives in an atmosphere of open exchange and respect, held under the Chatham House Rule which allows for the sharing of information but protects the identity and affiliation of speakers.

This report summarizes the day’s discussions including the key points discussed, learnings, links to resources, and actions for moving forward. ICCR members recognize that this work is an ongoing journey, and we hope the Roundtable contributes to the process.